Workouts at home 2 – Tone it up Tuesdays & SparkPeople

Workouts at home 2 – Tone it up Tuesdays & SparkPeople


Last week was Ashley Borden on LIVESTRONG Woman YouTube channel, this week it is Tone it up Tuesdays with an additional Abs workout from Sparkpeople. This time I did this with one of my good friends in my front room and she had some interesting feedback which the review is also based on.


Week 2 – Tone it up Tuesdays on LIVESTRONG Woman and 15 minute Abbs workout on SparkPeople

So we started with the Summer Slim Workout from the ladies on Tone it up Tuesdays. This circuit consists of 4 exercises which you perform 20 repetitions and rotate round for as many times as you wish. This was a toning circuit which did not really raise the heart rate too much so after the second rotation we went straight on to Bikini Boot Camp. This was a great plyometric based circuit which elevated the heart rate and carried on the toning effect. Some simple yet effective exercises were given in this video and we repeated the circuit 3 times. We then followed the Gettin Slim Without the Gym video which had some lovely toning exercises which complemented the earlier toning circuit (Summer Slim Workout). We then returned back to the Bikini Boot Camp routine to lift the heart rate up again. We repeated this for another 3 rotations and by the end of it we were shattered!!

We could not seem to find an abs workout on Tone it up Tuesdays so we found SparkPeople’s 15 min Abb Workout. This was excellent. Although the quality of the filming was not as good, the content was. This took you through a series of basic core exercises. The best thing about this was that she did the full workout with you, at the same time and gave excellent technique and coaching ques. What was also quite nice was that she did not have the ‘hollywood’ style or intimidating physique on show like the others. For my friend, this one of the strongest elements of the video.

How long did the whole thing take? – 70 minutes

What equipment do I need? – Mat ( Summer Slim Workout requires hand weights)

Was it enjoyable and was the content good? – Yes. The combination of these videos produced a simple but effective full body workout. It had a cardio element as well as lots of toning exercises targeting all the major ‘wobble’ areas.

How did you feel the next day? – The legs and bum were particularly sore and the stomach around mid-day began to hurt! The tension eased of the day after that but if you were to follow this even once a week, I am sure you would notice a difference to your physique.

Overall rating? – 8/10

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