Workouts at home 1 – Perfect Form with Ashley Borden

Workouts at home 1 – Perfect Form with Ashley Borden

So, last week I said to you all that I was going follow one home workout from a YouTube fitness channel per week, for the next 5 weeks. You have given me some great ideas on which ones you want testing out so here is the first one………….

Week 1 – Ashley Borden Perfect Form at Livestrong Woman

The first routine I followed was the Home warm up and Circuit video. This takes about 25 – 30 minutes in total with simple but effective warm-up exercises particularly targeting the major muscles groups which are used later in the circuit. After you do this short warm-up the circuit begins. The circuit contains four exercises which you then rotate through as many times as possible within 20 minutes. Ashley explains each exercise one by one and gives important pointers on achieving great technique throughout.

Straight after completing this video I did the Smarter Glute Excercises and to finish the Workout for Slim and Sexy Hips. I concentrated on these shorter videos as I particularly need to strengthen my glutes at the moment, but lets face it most of us want to shape and tone our bum anyway!

How long did the whole thing take? – 60 minutes

What equipment do I need? – Mat, foam roller, midi band/thera-band and small soft ball (Warm-up and circuit requires no equipment)

Was it enjoyable and was the content good? – YES! The workout was really varied and the use of the foam roller and soft ball helped to release my tight muscles before working them. This helped me activate and recruit the right muscles whilst performing the exercises.

How did you feel the next day? – Very very sore, but in a great way! The whole of my body was incredibly sore the next day due to the amount of repetitions performed mainly in the circuit. This was a great sign as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), is a natural reaction when you have worked the muscles very hard. This soreness basically indicates that the exercises you did challenged and strengthened your body. If you follow these set of videos (and experiment with the others offered by Livestrong Woman), your body is sure to change shape.

Overall rating? – 9/10

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