Amazing workout clothes from Urban Lucy!

Amazing workout clothes from Urban Lucy!

Urban Lucy are a great new retailer bringing top LA brands to us Brits! They stock the best designs from LA’s most desirable workout brands such as Beyond Yoga, Spiritual Gangster and omgirl. These designs are often seen on America’s A-lister exercisers and now they are available to us!

They sell everything from organic cotton leggings to beautiful casual throw overs. I wear them not just when working out or going to and from the studios, but casually with jeans when going for coffee etc. They are really beautifully made and great quality.

I am also really happy to be their ‘Brand Ambassador’ and will only find me in their clothing from now on – I am hooked!

Check out their website by clicking on their banner to the right and treat your self! When you feel good going to and from the gym/studio, you are sure to put more effort in when exercising – even if not, you will at least look the part!

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