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Eve Jeffers aka ‘

(Grammy-award winning American rapper, artist and actress) 

Working out with Becky is fun and enjoyable but defiantly challenging! Her energy is great and she makes you feel confident when trying new things, even when your not great at coordination (like me!). Whether running or doing Pilates, she can help you reach your fitness goals.

Lisa Friend (World renown solo concert Flautist and recording artist)

I recently had a hip operation and my surgeon advised me to start Pilates as part of my rehabiliation in order to build my core stability. After careful research I began training with Becky. She has been incredibly supportive, informative and encouraging. She does not make working out a chore but something I really look forward to. Becky will cater your workout based around your personal needs or goals. She has a fun, dynamic personality and I have found our sessions truly beneficial and motivating.

Eloisa James (New York Times best selling author)

I, my husband and my daughter have trained with Becky for over 8 years both face to face and via Skype. The results have been fantastic. My husband’s posture has dramatically improved and he now stands a foot taller! My butt has changed back to the shape it used to be when I was in my early twenties and my arms are toned too, and for a woman in her late-50s, that is no small accomplishment!’ Meet Eloisa James

Ramona Braganza (Global Fitness Expert and Hollywood Celebrity Trainer) 

I highly recommend Becky. She has tremendous knowledge as a  trainer and her infectious smile will make getting into shape an enjoyable experience for you!

Janna MacGregor (Historical Romance Author)

A friend recommended I start training with Becky. That was seven years ago. As someone who relishes one-on-one training, I’ve found Becky’s Pilates instruction to be instrumental in my fitness routine. Becky is in tune with the quirks of my body and designs a workout that helps keep me moving.  My balance has improved, and I’m stronger overall

Charlotte (Mum of two little ones, trainee nutritionist)

I started training with Becky after the birth of my second child. I really needed to lose weight, strengthen up and get fit – quite a feat given I hadn’t really done much exercise in 3 years! I’ve really enjoyed my sessions with Becky, she makes them fun which means you don’t notice how hard you’re working and most importantly my overall fitness has improved and so has my shape. She has a great deal of invaluable experience in many areas of physical fitness such as dance and Pilates which she is able to draw on as we train, keeping the sessions varied and interesting.

Paola (Hard working health specialist)

Training with Rebecca is fantastic! The mix of techniques and movements which she teaches you to do, has a real deep impact on your body and mind. Although many sessions are full of toning and weight loss exercises, the Yoga, Pilates and dance inspired movements which she entwines into the combinations is really special. The movements leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and open throughout your posture. One of the lovely things with Rebecca is that if you are feeling perhaps more tired than usual, she will adapt the session to what your body needs more – for example, massage, stretching and fascial release. These techniques leave you feeling relaxed, energised and very calm. With a very high pressured job, I now rely on my sessions with Rebecca to bring me that sense of calm and balance I dearly need.

Bethanie Harrison (Co-Artistic Director Levantes Dance Theatre)

Becky has worked as a personal and company trainer for both myself and Levantes Dance Theatre for the last 7 years. Along with her professional expertise, Becky’s friendly persona, great listening skills and willingness to help whenever possible, mean she is truly valuable to us. Her extensive knowledge of dance fitness and science has been vital in preparing the company for performing and going on tour. As artists whose work is tiring both physically and mentally, Becky has worked with us as individuals and through a variety of techniques to prevent exhaustion from kicking in. Becky’s help in managing certain areas of our training and ensuring we prioritise our health, fitness and well-being, has given us the freedom to focus on our artistic expression, in the knowledge that our entire bodies are working to the best of their abilities. Not only does her training provide us with this extra freedom, the extensive knowledge that she has imparted to us from her science-based dance studies (as opposed to our performance-based studies) has been invaluable. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy task! Becky has shown stoic patience in explaining the innumerable benefits of fitness to artistic brains filled with the pressures of imminent performances! Becky is a wonderful person to work with and I feel lucky to have her support as a friend and for Levantes Dance Theatre. As a relatively small company with limited funding, her knowledge, generosity and dedication to the company and myself as an individual have been fundamental to our development.

Susan Amies (Retired tennis enthusiast)

Well, if it wasn’t for Becky my body would still be out of alignment and I would most probably be a few dress sizes bigger! I had never been to a gym before starting at My Fitness Studios in Notting Hill, London; and I have to confess, I was actually afraid of such places! I thought I was relatively fit as I played tennis every week, skied, swam and walked whenever I could. At the same time, however, I felt overweight, was forever pulling muscles in my shoulder through tennis, had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and ultimately was recommended by medics to try the dreaded gym.Not being very strong-willed, I knew that if this was going to work for me I needed the supervision and inspiration of a personal trainer. Since I began working with Becky my life has changed, wholly for the better! I look forward to my weekly sessions with Becky and thanks to her expertise, my spacial awareness and co-ordination has improved immensely, my shoulders are aligned, I have a strong ‘core’ and I have lost weight. Becky’s knowledge, gained from dance science, Pilates, Yoga, and gym instruction, combined with her cheerful personality is an inspiration in itself. She is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone looking to turn their lives around, get fit and rediscover an appreciation for their own bodies.

Robert Bray (Director of My Fitness Studio)

Rebecca has worked at My Fitness Studio for quite a few years now and the feedback I regularly get from clients is great. Becky is a really friendly person who gets on with everyone and makes people who hate the sight of a gym feel comfortable, in an environment that initially they wouldn’t feel at home in.

Melissa Franks (Personal Assistant PWC)

 Not only is she a great friend but she pushes me to the limit with my fitness which is exactly what I need! I have recently started her weekly Pilates class and I have to say, even after about 5 classes, I feel so different. My flexibility and strength has dramatically increased and it is doing wonders to my posture! Not to mention how enjoyable and relaxing it is. You don’t even realise how much it is working your body until the next couple of days, and trust me, you really do! Becky is also a great teacher who does her utmost to help give individual attention even though it is a class. I will definitely be keeping it up!

Laura (#PeckhamPilates local and enthusiast)

It’s not often that I look forward to exercise, but I love our Wednesday night pilates classes! It’s local, friendly, good value, and I have really noticed a difference in my calmness and just being more chilled out in the middle of the week after a pilates class! When I first started the class I had a (pre-existing) lower back problem. These classes have helped me strengthen and stretch out my back and I really feel it’s helping.My husband find that the ‘easy options’ of the exercises help him stretch out his muscles, whilst fitting round his rheumatoid arthritis. He is developing his core strength and finds that Pilates reduces muscle stiffness.

Claire Chaney (mother of Hannah – Arts Ed. dance student)

Thank you so much for everything you have done. Hannah has confidence in her body in a way she hasn’t had since her first accident – it is fantastic to watch!

Daphne (English Literature lover / University student)

I went to Becky to become fitter and tone up – I saw results within weeks! The training was varied and well planned and Becky’s optimism made the hours spent in the gym enjoyable. She helped me restore confidence in myself and also helped me develop a (much needed) change in my lifestyle – both physically, mentally and nutritionally. I could not recommend her training enough!

Kam Dale (#PeckhamPilates lover and dedicated city planner)

I’ve never been one for sports and never thought I would be writing this but I like #PeckhamPilates so much the time now flies by and an hour class feels like half the time. I have read your blog about the benefits of music whilst exercising, and would have to agree as this is one of the reasons I enjoy #PeckhamPilates perhaps more than other Pilates classes, not to mention the candles you use which make it feel really relaxed.  I have had long term chronic pain down my left side for over a decade and have seen this gradually disappear which I believe is mainly down to attending your lessons twice a week for the last year.