Vita Coco – coconut water

Vita Coco – coconut water

You probably will have seen it stocked in up market gyms or fitness studios. You may have even seen Rihanna the new ‘face of the brand’ on local bus shelters helping to raise the profile and advertise this drink. The health and fitness industry is full of drinks and snacks that come into fashion and they usually cost more than they are worth. Well I thought I had better try Vita Coco and see for my self whether a) it tastes nice, b) is does the job and c) if it is worth the price tag.

Well I personally found the taste great! (coconut water with pineapple). It is not as sweet as I anticipated but actually really refreshing. I drank this straight after a Hot Bikram Yoga class so any drink which helps to hydrate after this kind of exercise has got to be good. It has much 20x more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks without the added sugar, preservatives or additives. Vita Coco is fresh and natural, straight from coconuts! I definitely felt that Vita Coco quenched my thirst and helped me to replenish my body from the intense heat and sweat I had just lost!

In regards to the price, a lot of the outlets which you can buy them from do charge over the odds for this (over £2) as it has become fashionable. I would recommend buying them straight from Vita Coco through Amazon and then you can get them for a much more reasonable price (around £1.20) – cheaper than other sports drinks!

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