Portobello Chiropractic Clinic

Very recently I woke up one morning and to my horror could not put my right leg in front of my left! I went to see the GP who very worryingly gave me diazepam and told me to come back in a month! This was clearly not an option and I was recommended by a friend to see Nick from Portobello Chiropractic Clinic.

From my first visit I knew I was in good hands (literally!). After an in-depth assessment of my exercise and injury history, plus an ex-ray, Nick got to the bottom of my problem. Following this I have had a course of treatment and will continue to see Nick for ‘maintenace’ on a regular basis.

I am now much more aware of my weaknesses but at the same time feel the fittest and healthiest I have done for a number of years. Suffering from injuries on a regualr basis is not fun. It not only upsets your routine but can also brings you down, espesically if your work is in exercise! If you have any injuries or pain, I would highly recommend Portobello Chiropractic Clinic. Nick’s knowledge combined with his friendly and supportive manner can really turn a bad situation into a positive experience.

If you are not a Londoner, try looking up your local chiropractor. Even if you have not got a particular injury at the moment, they are really worth seeing. Do not wait for the injury to happen, get to know your body. Chiropractors can help you to improve your fluidity of movement and protect against injuries by strengtherning and balancing out your body.