Bounce balls!

Bounce balls!

After exercising I am usually starving!  If I have come from the studio it is tempting to grab a quick snack from the nearest shop. Most of the time I end up buying the first reasonably healthy thing I can find  like a cereal or granola bar. Now what I really need is some good quality protein to replenish and restore the muscles I have just worked. The problem is this can be difficult to find particularly on the go.

This window after exercise is a vital time to put into the body some good quality protein. This will help to maximise the benefits of the exercise just untaken and fill the ‘hole’ in the stomach that has suddenly appeared. I have just recently come across Bounce Balls. They are small balls of natural energy in a range of flavours. The protein balls are full of good quality ingredients, are gluten free and really tasty. They are perfect after a workout and give you the right energy you need. They are small and can easily fit into a handbag or workout bag.

A lot of the organic and independent shops in London are starting to stock these but you can actually buy them in boxes which works out very reasonably at around £1 each (Try places like Amazon or Bounce Foods).

I only recommend things which I have genuinely tried and love. Bounce Balls are one of them, perfect for you if the thought of drinking protein shakes makes you feel ill (!), but know you need to feed your body properly after exercise.

Try them and let me know what you think!

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