Christmas fitness

Christmas fitness

SpinningWell Happy Christmas! At the beginning of the Christmas week and on the verge of going back to my parents, I have been thinking about my exercise routine. Amongst the festivities exercise can go completely out of the window, but over the last few years I have actually developed a habit of keeping active every day through Christmas.

When I am at home, as I usually work out in the Yoga or Pilates studios or run around the streets of London as I am not a member of a gym. So one of my favourite things at this time of year is to get a week’s pass at a gym (with a pool) near my parents house. I embrace the change of scenery by lifting more weights, working out with my husband (something that never normally happens!), swimming and trying out different exercise classes. I try and go at least every other day to the gym and on the other days go for a country walk or practise some Yoga in my room.

One thing that is nice working out at the gym is listening to my own music and not necessarily the music which suits my clients or class! It allows you to create your own space which is really important especially around Christmas as we often do not have a minute to ourselves.

Kitsound earphonesI was kindly sent an early Christmas present of a pair of Kitsound earphones which I have been plugging into my iPhone on my weekly run. I have to say that they are really useful as they stay in place no matter how much you bounce around! Anyone who runs know’s that earphones often fall out which is really annoying! Thanks to the clever construction, they hook over your ear and are completely adjustable. These babies will be in my Christmas fitness bag along with my Yoga mat, swimming costume, trainers and water bottle.

I know that I will be eating more ‘treats’ and it would be rude not to over Christmas (!), however I cannot stand that bloated, sluggish feeling you get if I do not keep active over the break. So as you are packing or planning your Christmas week, think about how you can mix in some exercise and perhaps try something different?!


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