Digital Detox

Digital Detox

IMG_1715Happy New Year to you! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and caught up on sleep, family and friends. These are my three favourite things which the festive season often delivers in abundance!

Each Christmas me and my husband collectively receive a stack of books offering inspiration and insights on an array of subjects. I have tucked into ‘Unplugged – how to live mindfully in a digital world‘ by Orianna Fielding. Although this is pretty ironic considering I am writing this blog on my Macbook and once I finish writing I will share the blog over social media etc, but hang on in there…..

New Year is a great time to reassess all areas of your health and this now includes the digital side to our lives.

Mindfulness has become quite the talking point in health and fitness as of late. Of course the internet has radicalised our world in many amazing ways. However it is important to monitor, question and be aware of the negative aspects it brings too. Our general decline in mindfulness and the ability to stay ‘in the moment’,  I and many others believe, can be linked to the rise of digital world.

Over Christmas I became increasingly conscious that although from a ‘business’ point of view it is important to keep sharing and communicating over social media, I did not really want to! I was on holiday, spending quality (and private) time with family who I don’t see often. The last thing I wanted to worry about was whether that would make a good photo for Instagram. However, I felt the pressure as everyone else seemed to be doing it and caved in. These dilemmas robbed me of some special moments as my mind was elsewhere and my phone was out.IMG_1716

The problem with our digital activity is that they have become intertwined into every fabric of our daily lives. Work, play, rest, communication, socialising; they can all happen through iPads, phones, laptops with the help of the internet. I do not think that we are completely aware of the decreasing percentage of life that actually takes place face to face, in the REAL world. No wonder internet fuelled additions such as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) are increasingly being treated at psychologist clinics across the Western world. It sounds dramatic, but I bet if you thought carefully how many hours you spend in front of a screen each week against how many you don’t, it may prompt you to take some action!

Unplugged eloquently educates us on the negative impact our digital lives can have on us physically, mentally and emotionally. Around, it is not great news! Along with the research, Orianna presents solutions and suggestions which may help us stay connected to life in the digital age. Taking a leaf out of her book (so to speak), below is my digital detox for January.

Like everything, balance is the key to a happy and healthy life.

Digital Detox plan:

I have decided to ditch the digital devices:

At mealtimes

When in bed

Whilst walking on the street

When spending time with friends or family

Along with your exercise and eating goals, (which I will be helping you with in the next 2 weeks), why don’t you join me on this digital detox for the month of January and see how you feel?