Journey of a Strala Yoga Guide

Journey of a Strala Yoga Guide

Handstand playtimeOver the last few days in London I spent time with Tara Stiles training to become a Strala Yoga guide. Strala Yoga is taking the world by storm. With over 1000 Strala Yoga guides across the world (and more each month adding to that number), this is only the beginning. With plans to develop Strala Yoga website and cultivate Strala communities across the globe, Strala has become more than just one great Yoga teacher, it’s a movement.

With around 60 people from across Europe and the UK, the vibe was incredible. Everyone you spoke to had their own story on why and how they came to be there, but the common thread was that they had found Tara Stiles via You Tube. At first I did feel a little uncomfortable as being a ‘groupie’ is really not my thing. However, that dynamic changed from the moment we started to move.

Suddenly the focus was how amazing it was that WE were all there – Tara actually seemed more excited to be there than us! Her teaching oozed with excitement and passion whilst being rooted in a wealth of knowledge. In all the scenario’s I have seen her in, it was clear to me that this was where she truly belonged.Tara’s authenticity, humility and genuine care for all of us was simply infectious. I noticed subtle shifts in my thoughts and attitudes as the ‘universe’ of Strala Yoga sunk deep into my body

Strala Yoga intensive (without starting to sound all ‘hippiefied’) and my spirit. It was a good feeling and I want it to carry on thriving, so next time I’m sat next to the bloke that takes half my seat up and blasts out dance tunes at 6.30am in the morning, I can smile and think good on him (whilst pointing out the nearest Strala Yoga class so he can be develop his spacial awareness)!

The studio all 60 odd of us were contained to for the two days, became a nourishing, cultivating, connecting space which embraced everyone one of us and celebrated our individuality.

Deep philosophical thought alert: Imagine if our world was a tiny but more like this??

From a ‘teacher’s’ perspective, her delivery of the course was impressively eloquent and hugely insightful. The explanation of how a Strala Yoga class is like a veggie burger (Strala guides will know what I mean!) was hilarious but incredibly helpful! I loved the way how initially something which may seem very complex was then broken down and translated in a simple way which we all can relate to. This is the essence of the Strala Yoga Universe.Strala Yoga Guide training London

For as long as I can remember, I knew and had witnessed, how powerful movement and health could be on your body and consequently your mind. My journey through the Strala guide training has reaffirmed and stoked that fire within me.

If you are thinking of doing the training, even if you do not necessarily want to teach, the workshop, how ever long or short (I could have easily immersed myself in it for another couple of months), will give you space to breathe, explore and play; three things that we all need more of in life.


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