Workouts at Home 3 – Crossfit

Workouts at Home 3 – Crossfit

Week 3 – Crossfit I have heard and seen a lot of hype surrounding this seemingly ‘boisterous’ and ‘competitive’ way of exercising, so I was really interested when I came across this article by SELF magazine on a basic Crossfit total body workout. This article was geared towards us women and explained the general concept of Crossfit.

My friend Mel was over so we did all three of the routines (WOD 1, 2, 3) together in my front room. The three routines are actually short workouts to do over three days and the idea is that you do each routine once a week. We felt that each routine was not really long enough so that is why we did all three.

The exercises are very basic and use large groups of muscles at the same time. This means it was easy to remember the next exercise in the circuit. This was imperative really as the timings and repetition differences for each workout takes a while to get your ahead around!

How long did the whole thing take? – 75 minutes

What equipment do I need? – Hand weights or bags of sugar

Was it enjoyable and was the content good? – Yes it was enjoyable. Although you were repeating only 2/3 exercises per WOD, the timing element and circuit style structure kept your brain active and motivated. It was quite fun doing it with a friend as we ended up motivating each other near the end of each set. If you search Crossfit videos there are a lot of examples you can follow, however I think this routine is great as you can do it at home in a small space.

How did you feel the next day? – At first I did not feel too bad, but by the afternoon I began to ache! The main areas were my legs and lower back which is no surprise considering the exercises predominantly involved both or one of the two.

Overall rating? – 8/10

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