Top 3 Healthy Cookery Books

Top 3 Healthy Cookery Books

Quinoa Risotto from Helmsley & HelmsleyOver the last year, the healthy cookery book scene has literally exploded.

I think this explosion is partly down to the popularity of food blogs, the rise in Instagram and Society’s general shift in attitude as to what it means to be healthy. These factors along with others, has brought healthy eating to the forefront of many people’s minds.

This rise in popularity and interest is of course only a good thing (in my opinion), however I have been surprised at the high percentage of these ‘healthy cookery books’ which are complied by (for the want of a better phrase) ‘non-professionally trained chefs / cooks’.

My experience of following healthy recipes from self proclaimed food bloggers has been a mixed bag. Some have been absolutely fantastic, some  pretty awful (just ask my husband!).

One of my main bug-bearers are the gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, diary-free, blummin everything free (!), baking concoctions. They look absolutely delicious, but you have to buy a cupboard full of random ingredients from Wholefoods that you can only use once in that particular recipe! The worst part is if you substitute a small thing you generally end up with either a pile of dry crumbs or slab of sloppy goo!

I know it sounds like a rant, that’s because it kind of is!

Any-who, because of this and many other people who I know feel the same, here are my top 3 healthy cookery books which actually have delicious recipes that work and do not break the bank….

1. Superfoods by Julie Montagu the Flexi Foodie












2. Make Your Own Rules Diet by Tara Stiles

Make Your Own Rules Diet











3. The Art of Eating Well Cookbook by Helmsley and Helmsley

The Art of Eating Well