Celebrity Bodies: The Real Deal

Celebrity Bodies: The Real Deal

Jessica AlbaI recently started a new series for my Radio show ‘Real Health with Rebecca Dalby about body confidence, body image and weight.

In the second of this series, I started a conversation with Ramona Braganza Global Fitness Expert and Celebrity Personal Trainer.

Ramona has spent over 20 years travelling across the world training the Hollywood elite.

Listen as Ramona shares her insider experience on whether the women we see in the magazines struggle with the same pressures we do and how they cope with the world’s attention on them.

Ramona also delves into her own story on how fitness brought her out of a dark place and replaced it with self assurance and body confidence.

Be truly inspired and most of all encouraged by listening to Ramona’s top tips on how to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind for life.

Click on the link below, listen to the interview and then get involved with the conversation. These issues are really important as they effect 99% of women at some point in their lives. Le’s get rid of the myths an find out the truth so we can live a healthy, happy life.

Celebrity Bodies: The Real Deal