Graze – nutritious snack box you must try them!

Graze – nutritious snack box you must try them!


You may have seen a new TV advertisement for Graze boxes. If you have not ordered your free 1st box, do it now! They are incredibly tasty and extremely good for you. I have a couple of boxes posted to me every week and look forward to every one!

You choose when you want a box and then Graze post you four punnets of naturally healthy snacks. These snacks range from vanilla coated seeds, roasted nuts, home made flapjacks, crackers and dips, and my favourite – dried fruits and chocolate. In each box you get a small leaflet explaining the nutritional value of each punnet. Sometimes you also receive educational leaflets on healthy eating and food, however whatever they send you is interesting and informative.

Once you have eaten the box, you ‘rate or slate’ so if you do not like what they send you, you do not have to eat it again! The recipes are always evolving and they use good quality and interesting ingredients which you may not otherwise buy or eat.

I would strongly encourage any woman who likes their mid morning/afternoon snacks to order a Graze box now!

You will love them!

Bon appetite


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