Ramona Braganza’s 321 training method

Ramona Braganza’s 321 training method

Last Sunday I was invited to attend the 321 training method which was created by Ramona Braganza, Personal Trainer to the stars! Ramona is based in Los Angeles and has over 20 years experience training A-lister celebrities such as Scarlett Johanson, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

The day was great and was truly inspiring to meet such a successful female personal trainer. The 321 training method is a great structure to follow during group exercise and one-to-one personal training sessions. I tested it out over the Easter weekend with one of my clients and she really enjoyed it! It was a really fast paced session and therefore even through the strength circuits and core section, the pace did not slow down for a minute!

I am now officially a Ramona Braganza 321 trainer, so if you would like to find out any more please contact me right away.

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