Preview of Reebok Yoga SS13 collection with Tara Stiles

Preview of Reebok Yoga SS13 collection with Tara Stiles

Had an absolutely AMAZING day at the preview of Reebok’s first Yoga collection on Thursday. The incredible Tara Stiles has collaborated with Reebok to design this collection which moves away from the traditional designs and colours of Yoga clothing. There is so much to say about the day both in regards to Reebok’s Yoga clothes line and Tara Stiles so I think I am going to split it into two blogs!!

Anyway, just wanted to give you a super quick update so make sure you come back in a couple of days and read the first review which will be on Tara Stiles herself. I was very privileged to have an exclusive interview with her and was able to ask a lot about her work and how she got to where she is today. There are a few words which will give you a taster of the woman herself – authentic, passionate, inspiring and wise.

In all seriousness, if you have not heard of her yet, you will very very soon. She has a set of DVD’s which are being launched on Amazon very shortly, and your’s truly will be testing these out for you within the next few weeks. They could potentially be a great Christmas pressie!!

Reebok Yoga and Tara Stiles are trying to bring us a fresh approach to Yoga. They are aiming to remove some of the barriers which put people off trying it out. I think it is an exciting time and will observe with keen interest to see how they get on…..



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