Exclusive preview of Reebok’s Spring/Summer Yoga collection in collaboration with Tara Stiles

Exclusive preview of Reebok’s Spring/Summer Yoga collection in collaboration with Tara Stiles

Now you know about Tara Stiles and hopefully can imagine who she is and what she stands for, the Yoga collection Reebok are about to launch in collaboration with her should make perfect sense ton you after reading this review. Reebok Yoga’s aim is to also bring Yoga to the masses and re-educate the general public. They want to bring Yoga into the twenty first century and make it relevant for women today from all walks of life. Many women (so their market research suggests), are put off trying Yoga because of the joss sniffing, chanting, hippy-ish stereotype. If you are not a regular gym goer you probably still have this impression of Yoga, and they want to re-define this picture.

On the other side of the Yoga spectrum, it has actually become very fashionable among the yummy mummies and well-to-do rich folk. This has also made some Yoga communities very exclusive and along with that some what expensive. Again, Reebok Yoga and Tara Stiles want to break down this barrier too and show that you do not have to be in a certain social class to practise Yoga.

Tara Stiles was an obvious choice for them when looking for a collaborator and international brand ambassador as their values and beliefs’ about Yoga were pretty much the same. Having discussed the collection with Tara and the VP of Reebok Studio Fitness, Barbara Ebersberger, when I went to see the actual garments it all made perfect sense.

The collection consists of soft yoga pants, loosely fitted t-shirts, breathable vest tops, easy going jackets and versatile cover ups. Veering away from the typically muted and serious tones of existing Yoga lines, Reebok Yoga is colourful, bright and fun. The fabrics are seriously soft and comfortable adopting a cool, casual ‘throw on’ look. 

I know you think I am jammy already, but I did actually receive a whole bag of Reebok clothing which included two tops from the SS13 Yoga range. Over the last week I have worn them whilst practising my Yoga and training clients. They are really comfortable to wear and many of my female clients instantly commented on the design and colours. Based on having worn these tops and having felt and seen the rest of the clothing line, I would highly recommend them. They are also great garments to relax in at home, go for a coffee in after class or whilst doing the school run.

No more do we have to either squeeze ourselves into unforgiving tight leggings, or alternatively wear ugly tie-dye pyjama style bottoms! There is now a line of Yoga clothing which is affordable, practical and feels gorgeous to wear. It also gives you great motivation to exercise if you look and feel good! As soon as it goes on sale at Reebok outlets (will of course let you know), get spending and then get to your nearest Tara style Yoga class!

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