#4 get a hobby and explore your interests

#4 get a hobby and explore your interests

Top tip number 4 of how to be a healthy, happy dancer is all about getting s hobby.

Immersing yourself in a hobby with no or little connection to performing is an incredibly healthy habit for any performer. Taking you out of the dance world for a little time on a regular basis cannot just give you a mental and physical break, but also give you a wider appreciation and perspective. In a highly pressurised industry, this can be very important. The ability to step back and take yourself out of the situation is an incredibly useful skill to have.

Hobbies such as gardening, reading, knitting, country walking, cooking or baking, photography, playing musical instruments, writing, drawing etc are all activities which are not physically demanding but activate and exercise your brain in different ways. Some of them may also indirectly enhance your performance by connecting and activating certain parts of your brain. Most importantly they do not involve ‘giving out’ but digesting, learning and enjoying the moment. Similar to meditation, it gives you time out to restore your energy levels so you can give out more when you are performing.

There are so many great things to experience and do in life. If you have another interest, passion or hobby you are less likely to get tired of performing and when it’s time to hang up your dancing shoes you can start a new chapter in your life equally as exciting and fulfilling.

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