Protein – Dear Body

Protein – Dear Body

Protein - Dear BodyI really enjoyed this performance. It started out entertaining and continued throughout the whole perfromance! I felt the work was incredibly accesible to all audiences,  so no matter who you were, you could understand and follow the piece with great enjoyment.

The beginning drew on simple, stereotypical ‘gym user’ movements which the audience found very amusing as they were easy to  identify with. Gradually the piece’s story and movement vocabulary became more challenging and in depth, however at no point did you have to desperately try and figure out what was going on.

The piece was about how a lady who joins the gym for the first time and how different emotions and pressures  bombard her as she explores  the gym environemnt in her persuit of ‘body beauty’. These fears, pressures and feelings are something which I have found to be incredibly common with my clients.

Personally, I felt this was probably one of the best pieces I have seen this year. It was refreshing to simply enjoy the work and let it take you on a journey which was both hilarious and poignant.  

I would strongly recomend anybody (not just theatre goers!) to see this. I beleive this was movement based communication and theatre at its best which could have been enjoyed by everyone – not just the dance academics! And at the end of the day,  is that not what it is all about??

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