Welcome to my new site!

Thanks for checking out my brand new site! I am very excited about this new venture for me!

This site is designed to introduce me and what I do, what projects I am involved with at the moment and how they are going, reviews on conferences / articles / research which I have attended or read, and also to provide you with information about the dance health and fitness industry.

I hope you find this site useful and as always please get in touch if I can help you in any way – or feel free to subscribe to this blog! 



  1. Sally O'Donnell

    Hi Becky,

    Great to see your new website – well done!

    And so pleased that you are continuing to pursue and develop this key area – so important for everyone working with dance.

    Please keep in touch, (and do persevere if I don’t reply immediately)

    all the very best

    Sally O’Donnell

  2. Ruth

    Well done Becky, this is fantastic. Stasi has a friend at school with hyper-mobility problems. She is not a dancer, but I would like to pass on your web site details to her Mother for interest. Nice to see Sally O is on your circuit, she will no doubt want to recommend your expertise and developing insight into this very valuable area of the professional physical world, if that is a correct description. Keep it up. Ruth xxx

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