The Sassy Vegan Ballerina

The Sassy Vegan Ballerina

Saskia Gregson-Williams is a trainee Ballerina who has also taken the world of vegan and ‘free-from’ cooking by storm. Alongside her grueling 10 hour days of professional Ballet training, she has managed to release an E-Recipe Book, entertain 21,000 Instagram followers, dabble in modelling and do a fabulous job of being the Food Editor for Hip and Healthy.

Given all that, I thought she would be a fab person to interview and get her top tips on health and nutrition whether you are a dancer or not!

Saskia’s exploration with food started when she was fairly young. Believe it or not Saskia suffered quite severely from eczema, low energy levels, bad digestion and developed an intolerance for dairy. It got to a point where she knew she had to do something quite drastic to ‘heal’ herself if she were to continue to pursue her dream of being a Prima Ballerina.  She began to give her diet an overhaul. After a while of eating bland healthy food, she found herself thinking about the all the dishes she used to love to eat. This was the beginning of Saskia’s exploration and journey into the kitchen…..

If you have not tried any of Saskia’s recipes, you simply must. These pictures are of the real deal and I can tell you from experience they are some of the most delicious foods I personally have made. Even for meat lovers and sweet tooth addicts these cakes, meals and snacks are impressive.

As well big on taste they are packed of nutritional goodness. As a keen cook/baker myself they have introduced me to some great ingredients such as coconut flour, and shown me how to use herbs and spices to not just flavor food but to also bring healing benefits to the body and mind.

With the latest craze in ‘raw foods’ beginning to hit mainstream Britain, I was also keen to hear about her experiment with raw food. Because going ‘raw’ can seem quite daunting and extreme, I was curious to see if she had any tips on how to start incorporating the concept gently, ‘Either try one raw meal a day, or 60% raw foods on your plate’. Perfect.

Saskia sees her food as a ‘tool to enhance your athletic performance’ and I totally agree. Whoever you are, whatever your fitness or health goal is, food is an integral part to that. The more you experiment with your food, the more you learn about your body and how to look after it.

Get on the Hip and Healthy food blog and see if you can introduce some ‘spice’ and ‘life’ into your kitchen, food and body!

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