Role models, inspiration and dreams

Role models, inspiration and dreams

This is slightly different to what I usually write about, but I have been thinking a lot recently about role models in Society and who we aspire to be like. In today’s Society, we are bombarded with certain images and ways of life which are the ‘norm’ and we are subtly told what we should look, act or be like. On top of this, much of the western media is centred around the rich and famous who are held up on a pedestal, whether they like it or not. The problem is this can influence and shape our dreams which can become shallow, unrealistic and meaningfulness.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am partial to a magazine particularly if there is a long train ride involved! And I am no means an expert on sociology or theology, but I am increasingly growing conscious of how much of my time I compare my own life to others in many different ways. How much money you earn, what you wear, how slim you are, who you know, what house you have are all things I am sure many of us think about and always assume others have more or better things than we do. In my industry, it is very easy to look at other trainers and think they have a better body than me or they are a better trainer than I am. Although social media is great, it means more thoughts like ‘they have more followers’ or ‘they have celebrity clients’ which automatically starts to put you down and make you feel despondent instead of inspired.

I completely believe in having goals, dreams and role models in life who inspire us to work hard and make the most out of life. However the balance between this and then wishing our lives away is hard to control. This imbalance seems to hold us back in life and hinder us from really enjoying every moment of life, right here and right now.

There are two things which I am now trying to do on a daily basis to keep that balance and enjoy my life at this very moment in time;

Re-focus on who inspires you: I have started to re-focus my eyes on the people around me in my life, rather than on people I do not know and that are not part of my life. My friends, neighbours and family. They are all unique and have the most amazing set of attributes you could ever ask for. Intelligence, kindness, drive and ambition, thoughtfulness, love, creativity and their passion for life. Around you there are probably at least three people who you could call a role model and take inspiration from. Why not learn from them and apply this to your life and because you know them, they can personally help you too!

Re-focus on what inspires you: What inspires is probably heavily linked to who or vice versa, however I am consciously re-focusing my heart on what truly makes me feel human and alive. In swap for fame or fortune, I am reading more about charities and local places where they are helping and supporting people from all walks of life. For example, there have been some great documentaries highlighting the vast amount of children and women who are still being exploited in various forms. Although they are harrowing to see, the people and charities involved in campaigning against these terrible crimes and supporting the victims are remarkable. It makes me want to take action and get involved. This inspiration which ignites passion transforms the way I feel about my own life dramatically. The focus on me moves to others, and that is when you feel the power of humanity and what it is to be alive.

Therefore, what kinds of things other than secular acquisitions inspire you? Nature, justice, education, charity, music, community, art?

I hope that in some way my ramblings have either got you thinking or helped in some way. I am passionate about people being who they are and being proud of who and what they are, right now not just in the future. Each one of us is unique and therefore no one can do us, better than us!

Find some great role models who inspire you in ways which make you feel alive. Let that inspiration guide your dreams and then take action to make them happen.

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