Music and exercise

Music and exercise

Music and exerciseAlthough growing up I liked music, I was never a hardcore dedicated ‘fan’ of any particular band and I just listened to anything which was force fed to me mainly by my Dad. As I hit my teens, Take That and Eternal were my favourites (!).
I played the Flute (most un-cool instrument past the age of 14 years) for a few years and then attempted to join an Orchestra. However, every time there was a ‘flute’ part I seemed to buckle and let’s just say, I did not last long!

Over the past few years, perhaps it is my age, I have fallen in love with Radio 6 Music and Shazam have become my new best friend. The songs I have discovered have heavily contributed to my ever growing Pilates playlist. The words and melodies seem to help create those ‘special’ moments in class. Either for sweaty hard bits or for chilled, relaxed endings, music has enhanced and brought that ’emotional’ connection to my classes. As a teacher I too have felt those special moments and feel like it strengthens the bond between the class participants and I.

Using music to motivate yourself whilst exercising is not a new thing. It often goes hand in hand. Scientific studies have proven that listening to music can really push people to work harder and draw out better performances, in turn burning more calories, developing greater strength, etc etc.

The result of listening to music whilst exercising does not just have some great physical benefits. Using relaxation or classical music can bring focus to the mind allowing you to to shut out the rest of the world. When you come back to ‘real life’ after your session, a fresh more balanced headspace is often experienced which helps to reduce stress.

Scientific studies have shown the beneficial effects music can have on our mood and behaviour, strengthening neurological path
ways and aiding in re-wiring certain parts of the brain. Music therapy is increasingly offered and practised helping everyday folks heal and get stronger mentally.

Music is like is a legal drug for athletes” Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D


“Music is like a legal drug for athletes” says Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D from Brunel University School of Sport and Education (London). If it works for athletes then I am positive it will help the average exerciser! Next time you go for a run or practise a bit of Yoga, try listening to something that inspires and moves you and let me know how you got on in the comments box below. If you are an instructor, why not share your favourite tracks and explain what they bring to your classes?

Music and exercise
Struggling for musical ideas? Hop on the link to get Spotify’s Ultimate Workout Playlist devised by scientists!

Happy listening!

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