Crossfit Invitational Europe vs USA presented by Reebok

Crossfit Invitational Europe vs USA presented by Reebok

So as you may have read, I was invited to attend the first Crossfit Invitational between Europe and the USA. Me and my husband went and as you would expect, pretty much everyone from the audience, competitors to the back stage crew were absolutely RIPPED!! Me and my husband felt very conscious of the difference between our some what ‘slimmer’ physiques!

So we arrived at the Excel in London and after the initial ‘OMG everyone is sooo musclely’, we settled into a great seat and the excitement started to build. The community spirit which Crossfit is renowned for was evident straight away. The audience was dominated by groups of Crossfit members from around the UK and the USA.

Apart from the annoying American presenter the evening was fantastic! The event was filmed and streamed live on Eurosport, so there was a lot of encouragement and cheering for the competitors. The actual teams were comprised of the best Crossfit athletes from Europe and the USA. The events were a mixture of weight lifting and gymnastic type exercises ,which tested the athletes brute strength and endurance. The two teams competed against each other head to head , and whoever finished the challenges first won that particular round. Although Europe got off to an incredible start, the USA quickly over took and continued to lead till the end of the competition. This was a shame as the majority of the audience, as you can imagine, were European, and the cheering at the beginning was incredible!

Apart from having a great evening out, me and my husband were inspired to try Crossfit out and are now looking for a place near us which we could try out. The pure strength and fitness developed by the this way of life is absolutely inspiring – I do not think I have ever worked so hard in a Spinning class the next morning!

It definitely changes your shape and physic and now I have seen first hand what Crossfit is like, once the basic technique is mastered I can see why! The community feel is totally authentic and I can imagine it is a great way to meet new friends and potential partners 😉

To find out more about Crossfit and how to join a local group follow this link and let me know how you get along.

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