Chickpea and lentil burgers

Chickpea and lentil burgers

Chickpea and lentil burgerHaving virtually no food in the kitchen last week I raided the cupboard to see what I had lurking. I found chickpeas and lentils and decided to make burgers! It turned out pretty good and full of  good stuff. Thought you may like to try it so here is the recipe……….

Chickpea and lentil burger

(Makes x6 ‘meaty’ burgers)


400g can lentil vert

400g can of chickpeas

2 finely chopped spring onions

1 egg

Handful of rye bread or wholemeal bread crumbs

salt and pepper, ground cumin, ground turmeric

small bunch of fresh coriander


1. Drain off most of the chickpeas and lentils keeping a little bit of the water from the tin. Place chickpeas, lentils and bit of water in a mixing bowl or food processor. Place the spring onions, breadcrumbs, egg, seasoning (not cumin and turmeric), and most of coriandor  in the bowl or food processor.

2. Mix the ingredients together until it forms a doughy mixture. If it becomes too dry, add a dash of water or oil. If you do not have a food processor (like me), use a hand blender in the bowl to careful mix the ingredients.

3. Separate the mixture and mould into ‘burger’ shapes. If the mixture is too sloppy, add a little flour into the mixture and it should be easier to handle.

4. Pan fry the burgers for around 10 minutes turning over as the outsides golden. Each time you turn them over add a sprinkle of cumin and turmeric.

5. Serve up with homemade sweet potato chips and a fresh salad = delicious and super healthy!



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