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As you may guess, I tend to get quite sweaty throughout the day – one of the few downfalls of having a job which revolves around exercise! I know I am not alone. I know many of you who have non exercise related jobs get a little clammy walking to the bus stop, sprinting to push yourself onto the Tube or after a hard day’s work feel tired and not very ‘fresh’ for your night ahead. With this in mind, when the lovely Halo Wipes team asked me to try out their handbag essentials, I jumped at the chance!

Halo Wipes have built up a bit of a cult following amongst the festival goers click over the last couple of years. My friend who is an avid festival-er swears by them and was so excited for me to try them, to a point where it was bordering on fanatical……………

Anyway, back to the review. In the bag of goodies were a collection of hand wipes, deodorant wipes, eye make-up remover wipes, surface wipes (for toilets etc) and moist toilet tissue wipes. The parcel was timed perfectly as I had an imminent trip to the U.S.A. planned and therefore have had plenty of chance to use them in a variety of situations. This review comes very thoroughly tested across both sides of the Atlantic!

First off I put the hand wipes and deodorant wipes to the test on one of my  typical working days in Central London. From 5.30am through to 8pm, after teaching approximately 45 people and travelling across the City, these beauties kept my hands and underarms clean, sweet smelling and most of all moisturised. To be honest I really was not expecting them to feel so moisturised as usually these kinds of products dry your skin out. Very happily surprised. I even passed them to my friend to show her! No need to carry hand cream if Halo Wipes are in your bag.

Second mammoth test was my recent trip to New York. Without going into too much detail (!), this time the stars of the show were the toilet tissue and surface wipes. I was out walking and exercising my way around New York, so having the confidence I had these in my bag, I could deal with whatever kind of toilet came my way! (Apologies for my crudeness however not really sure how else to convey my delight in these wipes!).

The packaging is simple and sleek; they are great value for money and seriously good products. Like I said earlier, I cannot stress how soft and moisturising these wipes are, plus they are small packets which fit in your bag easily. The icing on the cake for me is that they are also made in the UK. I love the fact that have not had to be shipped half way around the world just to get into my handbag, and that people living in the UK have made them for me!

Last thing to mention is that they come celebrity endorsed too. Any Made in Chelsea fans reading? If so you will be impressed to hear that Binky Felstead is their ambassador and gives regular tips on her beauty regime and how she uses Halo Wipes in her hectic filming schedule and City life.

I am now proudly a Halo Angel and will be blogging for them on all things health and fitness. Watch out for the latest on that and in the meantime, get yourself to Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Spar or Superdrug and fill your basket full of Halo Wipes aka, small parcels of fresh loveliness!


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