Get a bum to die for! #2014LBT

Last week was all about the legs. This week it is all about the booty!!!

These three exercises will defiantly get the shape you want with all the extra health benefits too. The glutes (bottom) are typically very weak as we often sit at work, sit watching TV, take the escalator instead of the stairs etc. The thing is with the glutes, they do not just look good in jeans when exercised. Research has found that they prevent injuries to the lower leg and enable you to walk and move anatomically sound. This helps to prevent wear and tear as you get older and therefore less likely to need hip replacements and so forth.

With more than one reason to get your ‘ass’ into gear, get off your seat wherever you are reading this, and do these exercises for the good of your body and your bikini!

1: The Clam

Lying on your side, bend your knees forward of the hips. Check that your feet are in line with your hips. Keeping the feet together, slowly lift the knee as high as can without forcing it. Ensure that the hips remain still by drawing the belly button towards your lower spine. As slow as you lifted the top leg, go even slower to return back to the beginning position.

Repeat this exercise on both sides x 20 and move straight on to the second exercise.


2: Side lying leg circles

Lying completely straight on the side of your body, draw the underneath knee forwards. Keeping the top leg straight, lift it up to hip height. With the heel flexed, draw x 4 small controlled circles backwards, and then x 4 forwards. Again, watch out for movement in the hip. The stronger you are the larger the circles can become, but start small and perform correctly first.

Repeat the 4 circles in both directions (4 forward, 4 back) x 3 and move straight on to the final exercise.


3: Prone heel beats

Lying on your chest (prone), allow your forehead to rest in your hands. Squeeze the glutes and lower back muscles to lift the thighs off the floor. Turn your toes out to the side in a natural turn out and draw the heels together ( 1st position). Gently start to tap the heels together. Keep the navel drawn in slightly so that the hips do not move. This is a difficult one and you may. Feel that you cannot lift the legs too far off the floor. Do not worry, it will come. Main thing is to think about lengthening through the heels away from the hips. Length over height.

Repeat this exercise x 20 and move straight on to the second exercise.

To increase the intensity, add this circuit to the legs circuit from last week, not forgetting to break up the circuits with a bit of Cardio and finish off with a good stretch.

Let me know how you guys get on with this, is a killer 🙂 …………

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