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I have a real soft spot for jewellery and being married to a man who absolutely DOES NOT shower me in gifts, I have to seek, find and buy my own gems! I came across Yoga Bunny, Rebecca Joseph’s first collection, through a mutual friend.

I was instantly grabbed by the initial collection as the design motives comes from a range of Yoga poses such as Warrior 1,2,3 etc with a detachable tassel that sits on your back. You can even choose the colour of the tassel.

Over the past year Rebecca has launched two more collections;

Luna and Stars – The idea of the Luna + Star collection came to Rebecca at her yoga class on the day of the Strawberry Moon in 2016.  Her yoga teacher told the story of the symbolic day, it being the first summer solstice full moon for 49 years, also known as the ‘Summer of Love’.

Ming China  – The 17th century Ming Dynasty China was found off the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The story goes, the china was being transported to Portugal when the ship, the Sante Espirtu, was shipwrecked in 1608. Over time, pieces of the precious china have washed ashore, smoothed by the sea and now perfect to wear around your neck.

Aside from loving the jewellery along with other top health and fitness influencers (Hemsley and Hemsley, Madeleline Shaw to name just two!), Rebecca’s story fascinates me.

New Zealand born Rebecca is the founder and director of a success interior design company and has been transforming homes, offices and studios for the past 14 years. Also building up her own London based property portfolio, she enrolled on a jewellery course in her spare time!!

On completion of the jewellery course she launched her signature collection Yoga Bunny. In her own words, ‘While on a retreat in Goa, I wanted to design a piece of jewellery that reflected my new-found love of yoga. This is where my story as a jewellery designer began, and how my Yoga Bunny signature collection came to life in 2016.’

I feel it is also important to highlight that unlike many health and wellbeing businesses, Rebecca funded and continues to invest in this venture entirely herself. There is no crowdfunder site, silent investor or stinking-rich-husband bank account to dip into. Along with her skill and creativity, this is sooo inspiring and a testament to her determination and pure amazingness!

Hats off to you woman, love it!

You can check out her collection from other shops, but if you visit her website you can sign up and get 5% off!

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