Whichever category you fall into, my philosophy is simple; fitness is about how your body feels on a daily basis – not just when you’re working out. Movement is inextricably entwined with emotion, so when you strengthen and create freedom of movement in your body, the same will surely happen to your mind and soul. Through my dance training I have been exposed to a wide range of what we call somatic practises. Somatic practises encompass ‘holistic body-centred approaches that help people integrate and transform their self through movement, and awareness practices that promote psycho-physical well-being’.

These approaches draw on natural and organic ways of movement which can transform your body from the inside out.

Drawing on natural and organic ways of moving, they can transform your body from the inside out at whatever stage you are at in your life.

Pilates matwork, Pilates reformer, fascial release, the Franklin Method and Yoga are all examples of somatic techniques which inspire the workouts I build. By fusing these with more traditional fitness methods such as the 321 Training Method (cardiovascular and strength training program), therabands and swissball training, I can create innovative and effective exercises, whatever your goals maybe.

It is this fusion of fitness and dance-inspired training which crafts a beautifully performing, healthy and balanced body. My holistic and creative approach (whilst rooted in science) means that the training is both realistic and sustainable for you to continue employing throughout your

entire life

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