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2010 was quite a crazy year for me with getting married hence the lack of posts and communication!

Wedding 2010

Tasty Recipe Article!


I was asked to share a recipe which is a favourite of mine for Fitpro‘s quarterly fitness instructor magazine! It was a dance focussed publication so me and Eleni from Levantes Dance Theatre submitted out favourite dishes!! There are some other recipes which have also been shared by other dance professionals so have a gander at the following link, then try and enjoy!

YouGotServedp1 (2)

Dance in Fitness


Fitpro Life

I was asked by Fitness Professionals aka Fitpro (worldwide fitness association), to write an article on my career journey within the dance and fitness industry. It was a really good opportunity to point out that dance and fitness can be a great combination and careers can be aided by studying and practising in both industries. It was an interesting article to write as it got me thinking how closely linked they can be in a practical sense, but yet the lack of academic or experience  recognition each one has for the other. I had to study, train and work separately to get to where I am now, and even now REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) do not recognise my MSc in Dance Science as an equal to anyother Sports Science MSc. The only difference is that we apply the sports science principles to dance!

You can read the full article on the following link:

The journey to becoming a dance instructor: Rebecca Dalby

Fitpro convention

Sport Relief 10k run!


Sport ReliefI have decided to embark on a 6 mile run for Sport Relief on the 21st of March 2010! Having never completed a long distance race before, I have been training for the past year to improve my 5 min jog on the treadmill, to a real race of a reasonable distance! I thoght that this was a cause, and since dance is becoming more and more closely linked to sport, it is something dear to my heart. 

I will be taking part in the London Victoria run and am pretty excited! Hopefully it will be a nice day and if you would like to either join me running, support  or even better SPONSOR me (!) visit the Sport Relief website or contact me for more details. You can sponsor me online which is the easiest way to donate, simply follow this link –


Thank you for all your donations which will make a huge difference to many people in the UK and the world.


Kinesthetic Empathy: Concepts and Contexts


Thursday 22nd & 23rd of April 2010

Hulme Hall

The University of ManchesterKinesthetic empathy

There is a growing interest in kinesthesia, empathy and kinesthetic empathy as pivotal concepts across different disciplines and media, reflecting current concern with ‘affect’ as an object of enquiry, interrogation of notions of presence, embodiment and the senses, re-examination of phenomenology, and widespread interest in neuroscientific investigation (notably in the ‘mirror neuron’ system).

This conference will bring together international researchers and practitioners in fields including neuroscience, dance, film, music, and body-based therapies to explore the nature and role of kinesthetic empathy.  It will aim to open up dialogues between different practices and theoretical approaches.

Keynote speakers will include Alain Berthoz (neurophysiology of movement/perception); Rachel Davies (artist/filmmaker); Susan Foster (choreographer/dancer/writer); Christian Keysers (neuroimaging/social brain); Chris Nash (photographer) and Alex Reuben (filmmaker).

To register your interest and to go on the conference mailing list, email watchingdance.conference@gmail.com

For submission guidelines and to download the full call for papers please click here

For a submission form please click here


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