The Pelvic Floor Challenge


focus-kegel-exerciseYour Pelvic Floor is one of the most important parts of your body. It supports your internal organs and your posture whilst aiding you in the simplest tasks such as going to the loo (for a number 1!) to the most complex physical challenge of giving birth. Strengthening your pelvic floor will help you now, and in the future as you age.

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Pilates, why should I do it? Your no nonsense guide to exercise


Pilates has been incredibly popular in the UK for the past 30 years. It has grown and developed and become a staple of the exercise industry. Many people have been recommended to do Pilates for a variety of reasons, but many do not take up this advice because they do not know what it actually is.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates (yes that is actually his surname!), who was born in Germany in 1883. Joesph was a very sickly child suffering from rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever. He in fact was so ill that the doctors at the time said he would not live very long. This spurred Joseph to get as fit as possible and train in Yoga, boxing, weightlifting and martial arts. 

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Cranberry, Raisin, Date, Super Seed Flapjack



Growing up my Mum made her famous flapjacks every Sunday for me and my two brothers to chomp on at school. Although they were delicious, other kids thought that too so made us very tempting offers. We ended up trading them in the school playground for other kids chocolate bars!

Fast forward 20 odd years, I still really love a good, wholesome, gooey flapjack. The problem with ones you buy in the shop or bakery is that they tend to have a lot of sugar and syrup mixed in which makes them not so good for the body, especially in January as most of the country seem to be on a ‘diet’!

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Exercising through pregnancy – my journey


Exercising through PregnancyExercising through pregnancy historically has been avoided and it was thought that too much physical activity would harm the unborn baby. Mothers to be were told to put their feet up and take these 9 months easy. Although rest and relaxing is very important, research and science has shown actually that not moving the body enough can have serious consequences on both the mother and baby.

Regular exercise along with eating a balanced healthy diet, will help the development of the baby AND equip the mother’s body to do it’s job as best it can. Research has suggested that the benefits of exercising whilst pregnant can be reaped by the mother 10 even 20 years later!

Many physical conditions which occur through through pregnancy such as gestational diabetes, symphysis pubis dysfunction, lower back pain, muscle cramps, varicose veins, nausea and vomiting can be helped by regular exercise. Obviously you need to do the right type of exercise, but nevertheless, exercise will help to reduce or manage these common conditions which are caused by the ever increasing demands on the body.  

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Easy Peasy Sweet Potato Soup


IMG_2555We all know that vegetables are REALLY REALLY important for our bodies. Unfortunately they are easily the last thing we think about when planning our lunch and dinner. One of the best things (not the only thing, I am not that sad!), about the Autumn settling in, is that a warm bowl of soup gets the taste buds following more than ever.

Soup is cheap, easy and usually packed full of goodness. Making it from scratch is even better than buying it out as you can throw in tons of veg and it usually (I have made a couple of mistakes!), tastes amazing.

One of my favourites is Sweet Potato soup served with warm, crusty wholemeal bread and salad. This is one of my husband’s favourites and due to the high content of sweet potato, it fills you right up for a long time. Perfect for a hearty dinner as well as a sustainable lunch!

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Healthy Eating through Pregnancy: out with the old in with the new


Healthy Eating through PregnancyAs some of you may already know, around 4 months ago I fell pregnant for the first time! It was very difficult for me in the first few months to firstly try and hide my slowly expanding waist and chest line, and secondly to keep teaching with the same energy and vigour.

As a Pilates teacher, your tummy and body shape are scrutinised so I was conscious that my changing physic would raise a few eyebrows; not to mention the daily attire of leggings and tops which were getting too tight and VERY uncomfortable.

My demonstrations rapidly declined to a minimum because a knew that some moves were not advisable even at an early stage. Along with bloating and nausea I really did not feel able to exercise myself never mind demonstrating the Pilates 100 (exercise) in class.

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JPilates convention 2015!



I am super doper excited as the Dalby Pilates Shop is not sponsoring the JPilates June 2015 convention (along side Sweaty Betty and Balanced Body), but we are also going to be there in person all day tomorrow (Saturday 27th June)!

If you are coming to the convention, please make sure you come and say hello and if you are in Old Street, London, but not attending the convention, please feel free to swing by anyway.

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Breakfast Superstar – Bircher Muesli


bircher-muesli1aI have seen ‘bircher muesli’ recipes batting around for a while. I had never tried it as it seemed too much hassle and was not really sure if I would like it. However, one of my lovely clients shared with me her new found love for bircher muesli and raved about how quick and easy it was. As I am always on the look out for quick and easy recipes, (especially breakfasts with a couple of 6.30am clients through the week), I  whipped my own version that night and was truly amazed (I am not exaggerating!).

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Celebrity Bodies: The Real Deal


Jessica AlbaI recently started a new series for my Radio show ‘Real Health with Rebecca Dalby about body confidence, body image and weight.

In the second of this series, I started a conversation with Ramona Braganza Global Fitness Expert and Celebrity Personal Trainer.

Ramona has spent over 20 years travelling across the world training the Hollywood elite.

Listen as Ramona shares her insider experience on whether the women we see in the magazines struggle with the same pressures we do and how they cope with the world’s attention on them.

Ramona also delves into her own story on how fitness brought her out of a dark place and replaced it with self assurance and body confidence.

Be truly inspired and most of all encouraged by listening to Ramona’s top tips on how to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind for life.

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Top 3 Healthy Cookery Books


Quinoa Risotto from Helmsley & HelmsleyOver the last year, the healthy cookery book scene has literally exploded.

I think this explosion is partly down to the popularity of food blogs, the rise in Instagram and Society’s general shift in attitude as to what it means to be healthy. These factors along with others, has brought healthy eating to the forefront of many people’s minds.

This rise in popularity and interest is of course only a good thing (in my opinion), however I have been surprised at the high percentage of these ‘healthy cookery books’ which are complied by (for the want of a better phrase) ‘non-professionally trained chefs / cooks’.

My experience of following healthy recipes from self proclaimed food bloggers has been a mixed bag. Some have been absolutely fantastic, some  pretty awful (just ask my husband!).

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